Tim Stead BVSc, MRCVS

Tim SteadTim qualified from Bristol vet school two decades before the BBC did the series of vets in practice that made many of the students famous. He was there from 1978 until 1983. As a result you will not see him on the TV!

His only claim to fame came from repairing the bill of a swan that flew into a lamp post in Clifton. He was photographed by the local evening press wiring it back together which is rather like wiring  two pieces of edam cheese together.

He has six hens as pets. He is a local parish councillor and has been a governor of Skelton Primary school for over twenty years. His hobbies include DIY, gardening, conservation, running and chain saw work.

He has been on courses for ultrasound, cytology (looking at cells under the microscope), laser surgery, anaesthesia, radiology, rabbit medicine, emergency medicine and many others.He attends weekly internet teaching on new techniques

Surgery Staff

We employ nine nurses some have been working at the surgery for over twenty years. They all have pets and a wealth of experience in handling and looking after pets. 

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