In many cases dogs and cats suffer from chronic pain and lameness. In the past we may have tried hydrotherapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy or alternative therapies but we now have a more natural remedy using shock waves or high energy sound waves that travel deep into the body (unlike laser or physiotherapy) and stimulate the bodies own repair system which can be helpful in none responding cases of lameness or chronic inflammation.

We use the Versatron4 paws system - the only one that american pet insurance companies will pay for (because the manufacturer has proved that upto 80% of cases can be improved). There are many systems available but most have poor success rates because they tend not to focus the ultrasound.

Shockwavedogwithdevice.jpgShock wave therapy can be used as an alternative to surgery or increasing anti-inflammatory drugs. It has been used for arthritis, joint injuries, chronic back pain, delayed healing of broken bones, tendon and ligament injuries, and chronic wounds like lick granulomas.

We give three treatments at two-week intervals under a sedative.

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We also have a K laser which does a similar job but cheaper to use costing £20 per session - it is not as effective as the shock wave but does not require sedation,

We also offer low intensity pulsed ultrasound, which takes 20 minutes per day and is less painful than the high intensity, so clients usually take the tennis ball sized machine home with them.

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