emergency service numbers

ST Stead offers a 24-Hour, 7-Day Emergency Service.

In the case of an emergency please telephone 01904 782033 and explain the nature of the emergency to the receptionist. You can ask to be seen at the Acomb Surgery or Skelton Surgery. The Skelton Surgery is un-manned and you will need an appointment.

Out-Of-Hours Emergencies

If the emergency occurs out of normal surgery hours, please telephone the surgery and you will be diverted to a duty vet. Alternatively, please call 07836 618148.

Important Information

If you phone after 10:00pm the Duty Vet may well be in bed so only phone if it is important and be aware that the Duty Vet will be asleep. Please bear in mind that we might need a minute or two to wake up fully, and that he has to do a full days work the next day :so will not be happy if you tell him your pet has been ill for several hours

If you wish for your pet to be seen you MUST say so. Many people want to seek advice at this time of night and our Duty Vets need to know if you wish to have your pet examined or simply need advice.Out of hours call out can lead to bills in excess of £300, the later you leave it the higher the cost, so if in doubt phone me before I go to bed

Out-Of-Hours consultations can cost hundreds of pounds and this is not covered by the Blue cross scheme, unless the vet assesses that the condition is life threatening: in which case a fee of £48.00 is due. You cannot join the blue cross scheme out of hours.

emergency service numbers

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